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  Cemeteries in Washington Township  
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude
Centerville   North of Centerville Station Rd. and east of SR 48
25, SE1/4 
T2, R6M.Rs.
39.630532°N 84.155223°W
Centerville (old)   East of SR 48 and south of Zengel Dr. in Centerville
25, NE1/4 
T2, R6M.Rs.
39.636713°N 84.157537°W
Quaker Sears West side of Clyo Rd.and south of Centerville Station Rd.
24, SE1/4
T3, R5M.Rs.
39.620130°N 84.139558°W
Rehobeth Hobart North of Webbshaw and west of SR 48
28, SW1/4
T3, R5M.Rs.
39.583553°N 84.163968°W
Washington Church   Southeast corner of Southwind Dr. (old Washington Church Rd.) and Miamisburg Centerville Rd. (SR 725)
6, NW1/4
T2, R5M.Rs.
39.633148°N 84.206100°W
Woodbourne   Padding Rd. at Whipp Rd.
32, NE1/4
T2, R6M.Rs.
39.659012°N 84.172867°W