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   Cemeteries in Mad River Township   
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude
Cook Frank West of Old Troy Pike (SR 202 and north of Avondale Drive
36, NE1/4
T2, R7M.Rs
39.798181°N 84.160461°W
Dille   Northwest of Valley Pike and southwest of Union Schoolhouse Rd.
19, NE1/4
T2, R8M.Rs
39.803912°N 84.122115°W
Harshman Hashmanville Luther Ave. south of Bower St. in Riverside
23, NE1/4
T2, R7M.Rs
39.779333°N 84.118000°W
House of Jacob   West side of Old Troy Pike (SR 202), south of NeedmoreRd. and Harshman Rd.
26, SW1/4
T2, R8M.Rs
39.797833°N 84.160333°W
Kemp   South side of Denny Lane, west of Pandora Drive and east of Woodman Drive
22, NE1/4
T2, R7M.Rs
39.762386°N 84.119486°W
Jewish   West side of Rubicon and north of Stewart St., moved Beth Abraham
3, SE1/4
T1, R7M.Rs
St. Henry Catholic   West side of South Main St. across  from fairgrounds (moved to Calvary before 1895)
3, SW1/4
T1, R7M.Rs
Woodland   Main entrance at Woodland Ave. east of Brown St.
33, SW1/4
T2, R7M.Rs
39.742935°N 84.178093°W
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