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1882 German Township History
  Cemeteries in German Township  
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude
Brown Run Judy West of Brown Run Rd. and north of Oxford Rd.
17, SW1/4
T3N, R4E
39.612651°N 84.458861°W
Dutch German (old)  South side of SR 725 just east of the Preble County Line Rd.
7, NW1/4
T3N, R4E
39.634530°N 84.476208°W
Germantown   North of SR 725 at west edge of Germantown
14, NE1/4
T3N, R4E
39.623613°N 84.388019°W
Lutheran (old)   Northeast corner of Plum & Warren St., in Germantown
13, NE1/4
T3N, R4E
39.627230°N 84.371576°W
Pontius   North of Baden Rd. and east of Preble County Line Rd.
6, NW1/4
T3N, R4E
39.656575°N 84.476695°W
Schaeffer State Road Church South of SR 725 and west of Brown's Run Rd.
7, SE1/4
T3N, R4E
39.629574°N 84.460051°W
Sunsbury Sunsbury Hill West of Eby Rd. and south of Germantown Pike
24, NE1/4
T3N, R4E
39.611556°N 84.366220°W
Swartzel   North side of Farmington Rd. and west of Jamaica Rd.
20, NE1/4
T2N, R5E
39.606556°N 84.336726°W
Zeller   East of Little Twin Rd. and north of Diamond Mill Rd. intersection (abandone) Graves moved to Germantown Cemetery.
1, NE1/4
T3N, R4E