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  Cemeteries in Harrison Township  
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude
Florence Kerr Northeast of Frederick Pike and east of Northcut place.
9, NE1/4
T2N, R6E
39.816444°N 84.20437°W
Greencastle Shearer North side of Nicholas Rd. and west of Danner Ave.
5, SW1/4
T1N, R6E
39.732774°N 84.226498°W
Greencastle U.B.
  East side of Broadway St. between Miami Chaple Rd. and Noble Ave.
4, SW1/4
T1N, R6E
39.736862°N 84.215037°W
Miller, Daniel   East side of Walton Ave. and north of Danbridge Ave. (moved to Ft. McKinley Cemetery, Madison Township)
30, SE1/4
T2N, R6E
Shiloh   Corner of Shiloh Spring Rd./Philadelphia Dr. and  N. Main St, (SR 48)
7, NE1/4
T1N, R6E
39.819354°N 84.236905°W
Unnamed   Southeast side of Wagoner Ford Rd.
14, NW1/4
T2N, R6E
Willow View Breadshear Chaple 2500 Neff Rd. north of Wagoner Ford Rd. at site of old barn
15, NE1/4
T2N, R6E
39.802953°N 84.182960°W
Westmont   East side of Gettysburg Ave. north Guthrie Rd. and west of the Dayton Police Acadimy - City of Dayton cemetery of the indigent
7,  SW1/4
T1N, R6E
39.724612°N 84.244370°W
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