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   Cemeteries in Randoph Township   
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude
Bethel   North side of Phillipsburg-Union Rd. and east of Diamond Mill Rd.
6, SW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.905655°N 84.365892°W
Cassel   East of Taywood Rd. and south of Old Salem Rd. (lost)
35, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
Clayton Salem West of Talmadge Rd. and north o Salem St.
19, SW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.864171°N 84.363714°W
Concord   West of Covington Pike (US48) and south of Wenger Rd. in Englewood
26, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.860220°N 84.284025°W
Dean Jacob Smith South of US 40 National Rd., west of Talmadge Rd. and east of  Swan Dr.
19, NE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.870590°N 84.354214°W
Detrich Miller East of Haber Rd. and north of Fox Rd.
17, SE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.883401°N 84337236°W
Dohmer Shellabarger East of Diamond Mill Rd. and south of Montgmery County Line Rd.
6, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.915518°N 84.367202°W
Fairview Englewood Southest corner of US 40 National Rd. and Union Rd. in Englewood
22, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.876222°N 84.311188°W
Falknor   South of Phillipsburg-Union Rd. and east of Diamond Mill Rd.
7, NE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.902259°N 84.359466°W
Fetters   North of Wenger Rd. and east of Crestway Rd.
20, SW1/4
T5N, R5E 
39.863609°N 84.341699°W
Folkerth   West of Trimble Rd. and south of Phillipsburg-Union Rd.
9, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
Fouts Mengus East of Valleyview Dr. and north of US40
15, NE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.884704°N 84.301416°W
Frantz   Southwest corner of Kimmel Rd. and Crestway Rd.
31, NE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.846777°N 84.349281°W
Friends Quaker, Rocky Springs East of Garber Rd. and north of Westbrook Rd.
36, NW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.842013°N 84.272203°W
Happy Corner   North side of Old Salem Rd. and east of Union Rd. in Englewood
27, SW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.847658°N 84.307320°W
Hart Rinehart West of Rinehart Rd. and north of Phillipsburg-Union Rd.
5, SE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.913152°N 84.336270°W
Herr Old Warner North side of Sweet Potato Ridge Rd. and west of SR 49 in Union
9, SW1/4
T5N, R5E
39.891329°N 84.322963°W
Hyre   South side of Old Salem Rd. and west of Garber Rd. (gone)
35, NE1/4
T5N, R5E
Minnich   North side of Phillipsburg-Union Rd. and west of SR 48 at Union
4, SE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.906096°N 84.319693°W
Warner   North side of Sweet Potato Rd. and east of Diamond Mill Rd. 
7, SE1/4
T5N, R5E
39.890917°N 84.354838°W