Brookville Historical Society
Purpose Statement
To bring together persons interested in history and the history of Brookville and the surrounding community. The society's function is discovering and collecting materials that establish and illustrate the history and heritage of our community.  The society preserves these collections and allows access, where feasible, to all who wish to examine or study the holdings.

Operating Year: June 2019 - May 2020

President: Cindy Tietge
Vice President: Becky Ditmer
Recording Secretary: Virginia Brock
Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Idle
Treasurer: Carolyn Haney
Board Members:
Board Member: Yvonne Bailey
Board Member: Dan Ditmer
Board Member: Michael J Good
Board Member: Jesse E Hanson
Board Member: Chad Imler
Board Member: Lynn Peters
Board Member: Jerry Peters
Board Member: Chris Tietge
                              Brookville Historical Society
                 Exhibit Building & Genealogy Research Library
                                    3 Hay Avenue, Brookville, Ohio 45309