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  Cemeteries in Perry Township  
Name Other Name Location Section Latitude / Longitude (D.D)
Arnold Gerber, Welbaum South side of Westbrook Rd. and West of Diamond Mill Rd.
1,  NE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.831973°N 84.370593°W
Bethel Smith West side of Sheep Rd. and north of US 35
31, SE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.754019°N 84.470097°W
Clemmer Warvel West side of Crawford Rd. and North of US 35
32, SE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.749187°N 84.449265°W
Erbaugh Crull, Wogaman North of Old Dayton Rd. and west of Daimond Mill Rd.
25, SE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.762757°N 84.373408°W
Eversole   South side of Old Dayton Rd. and east of Clayton Rd.
35, NE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.759918°N 84.390212°W
Hansbarger   West side of Crawford Rd. and north of Providence Rd. (lost)
8, SE1/4
T5N, R4E
Landis   North side of Air Hill Rd. and west of Clayton Rd.
2, SW1/4
T5N, R4E
39.818282°N 84.398870°W
McNelly Perry South side of Heeter Rd. and west of Wolf Creek Pike 
13, SW1/4
T5N. R4E
39.796185°N 84.379247°W
Rhoades Hook South of Providence Rd. and east of Crawford Rd.
9, SW1/4
T5N, R4E
39.806097°N 84.440692°W
Pfoutz   West of Clayton Rd. and north of Old Dayton Rd.
26, SW1/4
T5N, R4E
39.765373°N 84.400966°W
Pleasant Hill   Southeast corner of Wolf Creek Pike and Providence Rd.
13, NW1/4
T5N, R4E
39.802856°N 84.382117°W
Providence Lutheran East side of Clayton Rd. and north of Providence Rd.
11, SE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.804247°N 84.395271°W
Pyrmont   West side of Sulpher Sprngs Rd., north of Providence Rd. and Pyrmont
7, NE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.816315°N 84.462178°W
Shank   North of Wolf Creek Pike , west of Diamond Mill Rd. and northeast of Antiock Church parking lot
13, NE1/4
T5N, R4E
39.797195°N 84.371850°W
Swank   West of Wolf Creek Pike, ~380', and north of Providence Rd. ~700' (Montg. Co. OH parcel ID - L55 02712 0023)
12, SW1/4
T5N, R4E